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Civil Resilience

With 17 years’ experience in the delivery and provision of secure and accredited information exchange systems, and 25 years’ experience in crisis management software applications, Ultra Command & Control Systems can provide the expertise and managed support services to facilitate the  multi-agency planning, response and recovery to emergencies.

Working in conjunction with BT, Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems is delivering the National Resilience Extranet (NRE) on behalf of the Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat. The NRE is a secure web based browser tool that enables Category 1 and category 2 responders to support strategic collaboration between partners locally, regional and within Central Government. The NRE is designed to share knowledge, plan responses to emergency situations and manage incidents as they happen.
Our range of ‘Atlas’ incident planning and response applications (Atlas Aims, Atlas AGP and Atlas Ops) have been extensively utilised by numerous public and private sector organisations in order that they can plan for and respond to emergencies, incidents and operations effectively. The Atlas suite of software is available for local installation or can be delivered via Software as a Service (Saas) through our Syntaxis secure hosting capability.
With accreditation to Impact Level 3 (IL3) Syntaxis is a Secure Gateway solution which facilitates a ‘private cloud’ delivery of software applications, enabling collaborative working across organisational and geographic boundaries. As an indication of calibre Syntaxis solutions are utilised across Government, MoD and the private sector.



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