Ultra CCS has been awarded a contract by the UK MoD for the technology refresh of PDM2

Ultra CCS has been awarded a contract amendment by the UK MoD for Phase 1 of the technology refresh of the PDM2 system fitted to the RN Type 23 Frigate. This is a design definition and demonstration phase and is expected to proceed to full implementation.. The Platform Data Manager Type 2 system monitors, normalises and distributes all platform data around the Type 23 Frigate. The PDM family of systems has been around in a number of variants for nearly 30 years It has been superseded by the COTS based SDDS system that Ultra now supplies on a number of modern platforms. Aspects of the SDDS technology are being used to refresh PDM2 while extending system life and minimising through life costs. Supporting aging and obsolete electronics is a particular expertise of the company. We also have extensive knowledge of naval platform data distribution systems, particularly redundancy and latency requirements.

For more information on data distribution systems capability and products go to :  http://www.ultra-ccs.com/downloads/product.php?ID=13

2014-07-01 13:17:04