Selex ES and Ultra CCS chosen for British Army Warrior situational awareness

Selex ES PRESS RELEASE 12 September 2013

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, and partner Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems have been
awarded a contract by prime contractor Lockheed Martin UK – Ampthill for the supply of driver’s and local
situational awareness cameras for the Demonstration phase of the British Army’s Warrior vehicle upgrades.
As part of the £1 billion Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP) to upgrade the Warrior vehicle,
the new driver’s and local situational awareness cameras will provide the Warrior’s crew with an under
armour capability to see 360 degrees around the vehicle and drive by indirect view under both day and night
The camera solution consists of a combination of the Selex ES Driver’s Night Vision System 4 (DNVS4)
sensor and the Ultra CCS HUBE cameras fitted around the vehicle. The capability of the DNVS4 ensures
that the vehicle can be safely and effectively manoeuvred during both day and night while the small and
robust HUBE cameras provide full 360 degree peripheral coverage, improving the situational awareness of
the driver and crew. Ongoing production programmes associated with both products has enabled Selex ES
and Ultra CCS to meet the tight schedule requirements associated with the Demonstration phase.
Compliance of the Selex ES DNVS4 with the UK’s Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) ensures that the
solution is future proofed against any further capability enhancements that may be required for the vehicle
through its life.
Initially, the camera solution will be supplied for up to 13 Warrior vehicles. Following a successful
Demonstration phase, a manufacturing contract is expected in 2016 which will see the camera system fitted
to several hundred Warrior vehicles.
“Selex ES has previously provided night vision and vehicle situational awareness cameras for a majority of
British Army vehicles including Viking, Challenger II, Mastiff, Ridgback, Wolfhound and Warthog.” said Mike
Gilbert, SVP Optronics UK at Selex ES, adding “Building on this heritage, our collaboration with Ultra CCS
brings the best of both companies together to provide an exceptional visual capability for the Warrior crews.”
”Ultra CCS is proud to be involved on the Warrior Programme” said Mike Williams, Managing Director at
Ultra CCS. “The collaboration between Selex ES and Ultra CCS is a great example of two British companies
working together and using their combined knowledge and experience to provide the optimum camera solution"


2013-12-20 12:21:30