National Resilience Extranet (NRE) now has 2,000 users

Ultra is pleased to announce that the National Resilience Extranet (NRE) now has 2,000 users on the
system. Ultra has developed the NRE in conjunction with BT, for the Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies
Secretariat and the Department for Communities and Local Government. The 2,000 users are from
over 400 different organisations.

The NRE has been developed to support collaboration between multiple agencies during both routine
planning and response to emergencies, enabling the efficient and secure exchange of information. It is
a secure (accredited to Restricted) and resilient browser-based collaborative working tool for Category
1 and 2 responders, government agencies and other key organisations within the UK resilience

The NRE having been in service for just nine months, has seen its user community grow substantially
and now has over 40% of approved UK organisations live and using the system. “With the user
numbers growing daily, it is important that non-NRE organisations consider how they support multiagency
planning and response to emergencies in the UK” says Christina Scott, Director of the Cabinet
Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat. “The NRE is a highly flexible tool that is today playing a
valuable role in UK civil resilience”.

In early 2011, Ultra will be rolling out a new, enhanced training course to further support the
implementation of the NRE. “The course is designed to provide more guidance and support to
Sponsors to underscore the importance of their role” says Darren Pennington, Ultra NRE Project
Manager. “It will ensure Sponsors understand the NRE’s security requirements and provide a practical
demonstration of how the NRE supports day-to-day planning and emergency response”.

Further information on the NRE can be found on the Cabinet Office website or by calling the Ultra NRE
Service Desk on 01772 907 600.

2011-01-24 14:17:00