Ultra delivers Romanian Coastal Surveillance System


Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems (UECCS) have successfully delivered a Coastal Surveillance System solution to Raytheon Anschuetz GmbH and passed site acceptance test with the end-user in Romania.

Ultra’s system is the main component that Raytheon Anschuetz integrates in its deliverable. UECCS’s part of this system will deliver to Romania the capability to detect, track and initiate alarm on small vessel incursion in sensitive areas, provide long-range surveillance, display radar and AIS tracks on an electronic chart and provide vectoring information for intercept vessels. Ultra’s Coastal Surveillance System will give the Romanian Authorities round-the-clock Maritime Domain Awareness through the creation of a Common Operational Picture (COP). Ultra’s supply consists of radar processing, trackers and local Situational Awareness displays connected to customer supplied radar at a number of remote sites, correlation of multiple radar and AIS sensors and a fully redundant Command and Control system with a large number of client displays. This C2 system uses Ultra’s renowned C2DB software application which can handle a large number of live system tracks, raw radar overlays from multiple sources and integrated Electro Optical sensors. All track information is stored in a searchable database for analysis and running queries onthis data to search for specific track details.

2009-11-06 09:16:22