Ultra Electronics wins CVF Contract

Ultra Electronics Command & Control Systems has been awarded a contract by the UK’s Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA) for the design definition of the two electro optical systems for the Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carriers.

It is anticipated that this initial design phase contract will lead to a full production contract for two ship sets of equipment.  Both systems contain long-range cameras that can provide clear images day and night and in conditions, such as fog and smoke, of restricted visibility.
One system is linked to the carriers (CVF) radar and will provide visual identification and confirmation of possible incoming threats.  The second system will be dedicated to the carrier’s ‘air traffic control’ system and will be used to monitor the position, attitude and status of returning aircraft on their landing approach. 
Both systems are based on Ultra’s proven Series 2500 electro optics which are in service with the navies of Australia, Brunei and Romania as well as having recently entered service with the Royal Navy on its Type 45 Daring class Destroyers.
2009-06-17 16:06:35