Modern apprenticeship training at Ultra Electronics

Modern Apprenticeship Training at Command and Controls Systems

Command and Control Systems constantly seek to develop its workforce of skilled, professionally qualified engineers and technicians capable of design, development and manufacture of high technology products and maintaining, repairing and supporting-in-service technology.
To compliment the existing training and development arrangements, in 2008 CCS started a training scheme offering advanced Modern Apprenticeships in Engineering. The scheme offers the opportunity to be trained in fundamental engineering principles and to gain practical experience. Training will take four years to complete and will require the apprentices to undertake vocational and key skills training, working towards a Technical Education Certificate at a local college, with an option to complete a further qualification to HNC/D level.
Grace Munday and Jack Braisher were selected from over thirty initial applicants to undertake a comprehensive engineering and on-the-job training programme in line with the National Vocational Qualification standard. After completing their apprenticeships, Grace and Jack will become highly skilled and invaluable members of the Ultra CCS team.
2009-02-20 10:11:31